The only full Marathon event on offer in the Nelson – Tasman region.

Sunday 23rd June 2019

Heading into its sixth year, the Monaco Marathon boasts one of the most scenic, and not to mention the most affordable marathons in the country. By entering, you’re also helping a good cause, with 100% of your $25 ‘entry fee’ going to charity.

The idea of the event is to break down the barriers to participation and give everyone a good chance to compete or complete a full marathon running event (42.2km).

The event boasts both a full marathon run or walk option, and for those with a little less confidence, you can enter as a two-person relay and do a half marathon each or get together with some mates and enter a six-person team.

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Need more reasons to enter the Monaco Marathon?

First Timer Friendly

The Monaco Mid Winter Marathon is the ultimate first timer friendly event. The emphasis is on having fun and rewarding participation rather than winners.

Easy to Register

We have made the registration for this event super easy and cost effective for participants. All you have to do to enter is make a $25 donation to one of our charities and your entered. So in essence the event itself is free!

Stunning Course

The Marathon takes in a stunning waterfront course starting at the picturesque peninsula of Monaco, rounding the Waimea Inlet and passing farms and orchards with the turn around point the local favourite of Rabbit Island.

Proceeds to Charity

The Monaco Marathon is special in the fact entry is effectively free. All we ask is that you make a $25 donation to one of our charities and you are entered! 100% of your $25 goes to charity, we take nothing!

Monaco, Nelson, New Zealand

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