The Monaco Mid Winter Marathon is a fun & challenging event that participants can undertake as competitively as they choose. It’s up to you!  It’s informal, essentially free & meant to be fun, with a bunch of like minded people on a winter Sunday! It is a marathon (i.e. 42.2 km) or you can team up with someone to run half each.

The basic philosophy is that lack of means shouldn’t be a barrier to entry & anyone who is willing to try & prepare themselves for this event are warmly invited to have a go. It’s not the Olympics, so the emphasis is on rewarding participation rather than winners. However winners will be acknowledged & rewarded in a small way & everyone who completes the solo marathon will receive a commemorative certificate. First time marathoners are particularly welcome! Times will be taken for everyone with results published online after the event.

Our aim is that no one goes home empty handed! So essentially LOW KEY, LOW COST, HIGH FUN!

“Anyone who is willing to try & prepare themselves for this event are warmly invited to have a go”Stu Cottam, Race Director & Event Organiser

Stu Cottam and the Monaco Mid Winter Marathon

The Event

It was on a cool crisp winter’s day, during a Sunday morning long run, that a bunch of like minded runners sowed the seed for what eventually came to be the popular and charitable Monaco Mid Winter Marathon.

Ideas were exchanged and tossed around, the group even tried running from Tahunanui beach to Rabbit Island which was a near perfect 42km.

Stu Cottam, as the de facto ‘shepherd of the flock’ was the fella who took on promotion and creation of the event. It went from a “just turn up on the day and take your own time” to an organised event almost overwhelmingly quickly. Fortunately for Stu, with a lot of hard work and the assistance of many great helpers, along with a bit of improvisation, the Inaugural Monaco Mid-Winter Marathon was held in June 2014.

About Stu

To say a bit about myself: I’m a broken down old 50’s something runner who much prefers the off-road variety and will have a go at most runs (the tougher the better generally).

A ‘Pommie-Kiwi’, I’m a relative new comer to the sport, only really beginning in my 30s. In my ‘prime’ (I use the term vaguely) I could knock out a sub 3 hour Marathon and won a few things. Age, and wear and tear, have taken their toll though.

I love running in the hills, mountains and trails around Nelson and think we have a great spot for getting away from it all. Some days you just need to go for a bloomin’ good, long run aye!

Organising this Marathon is just one of many hats I wear and things I enjoy doing. I’m an early childhood teacher by profession and enjoy the energy, enthusiasm and optimism of young kids. We can learn a lot from them!

Without people having a crack at something on event day the effort put into it would all be a little fruitless so, many thanks to all those who get motivated, get out there, and go and do it! Thanks!

My sincere hopes for the future of this event are:

  • Entry will only be by donation to charity and it will be a ‘not for profit’ event.
  • The main event will be the marathon!
  • It will be low key and relatively hassle free to enter, and to have a go at.
  • It will be an event that encourages and rewards first time marathoners (and indeed beginning runners of all kinds)
  • No one will go home empty handed

Kia kaha to all you runners and walkers!
Stu Cottam

For Charity

When entering The Monaco Marathon all we ask is that you make a $25 donation to one of our charities. That means the full $25 it costs you to compete is actually donated to charity, so in essence the event is free! The running of the event comes down to the race organiser Stu, along with his team of passionate supporters and sponsors. 

If you think you might like to lend this iconic, one of a kind event a helping hand, Click Here to get in touch.

Make Your Donation Online!

Keen to get cracking now with your donation? We can now accept donations to our charities online via Fundraising Online and Give A Little.

Follow the bellow links to make your $25 donation. You can donate the whole $25 to one charity or split it between the two. It’s your choice!

Online entries will go live soon and there will be no monetary transaction in this process. So all you need to do is make your donation below and then register online when entries go live. Any questions? Email: info@www.monacomarathon.co.nz

The Course

When looking for a suitable location Stu decided upon starting the race at The Monaco Peninsula for its picturesque and central location, with the iconic sea side, old English tavern of the Honest lawyer as the race host.

From there, the course meanders around the Waimea inlet which showcases some stunning sea side views, bordered with snow covered mountain vistas, crossing rivers (via bridge), running through farm land, all the way out to the family hotspot of Rabbit Island, a stunning beach and recreational reserve.

For a full course description and map Click Here