Event Update 09/05/16 – Drink/Aid Stations

Harrison Event Updates

Kia ora all potential runners/walkers and interested parties. This is an extra event update about drink stations as we are about 7 weeks out from event date. There will probably be 1 more update between now and event day (Sun 19th June). Please pass on this info to anyone else who may be interested! The following is a list of aid/drink stations on the course together with (very approximate) distances!

Drink/aid stations: There will be 8 in total being located at: 1. 3.5 km (adjacent to the Honest Lawyer), 2. 8 km (Bike trail end of Fittal St. RMD Camper van park), 3. 15km (Lower Queen St/Speedway Corner), 4. 19 km (Redwood Rd/ Rabbit Is crossing) , 5. 23km (Rabbit Island beachfront) 6. 26km(Redwood Rd/Rabbit Is. crossing), 7. 30km(Lower Queen St/Speedway Corner), 8. 36 km (Bike trail end of Fittal St. RMD. Camper van park).

Please note that given the low key nature of the event the drink stations will, most likely, only be water (no food, maybe lollies?) and may be simply ‘help yourself’! Drink stations 2, 3, 5, 7 & 8 are also change over points for the 6 person relay teams so are likely to be ‘manned’ in some way! If you have ‘special drinks’ you wish put out at drink stations these spots can only be either 8km [Camper van park], Rabbit Is 23km [halfway], or 36 km[Camper van park, return]. Leave in marked boxes at event registration on race day!

I will put out more info. Via the website and Facebook page as we get closer to the date for the event! Please check in
for any updates!


Stu Cottam 🙂