Event update 22/03/16

Harrison Event Updates

Kia ora all potential runners/walkers and interested parties.

This is event update 2 as we are about three months out from race day. There will probably be 2 more updates between now and event day (Sun 19th June). Please pass on this info to anyone else who may be interested!

Registration:  I have been asked lots about registering for the event! We are still working on setting up a simple online process for registration available via the event’s website and are still aiming to have this ready by the end of March. Huge thanks to Harrison Dean and Harness Communications (http://harness.kiwi/) for making this possible! The process will, we hope, be straightforward and will include making a voluntary donation to either or both or the chosen charities as your entry fee (The Mental Health Foundation or The Heart of Biking Cycle Trust). You are able to donate to either or both of the charities via links on the website. We will ask for your name, your gender, the event you have entered (i.e. marathon or 2 person marathon team and if a 2 person team then the details for ‘both’ of you), whether you are a first time marathoner, your estimated time (and if over 4 hrs for the full marathon if you want an early start), an emergency contact person and number for event day (you never know?). I have decided (for this year) to remain with just having the categories of Male/ Female for the marathon, simple as that, regardless of age…You know how old you are and how you have compared with your similarly aged peers! Other events on the day (i.e. 2 person relay) are ‘mixed’ events (i.e. your finishing place is not differentiated by gender) At this stage the number of entrants to events is not limited!
We would be grateful if as many entrants as possible can register their details beforehand so we can have things prepared and ready for you all beforehand. However, entries will still be available up to and including on race day
Your allocated race numbers will be available for collection the day before the event (Sat 18th June) at The Shoe Clinic, Bridge St, Nelson. The registration here will be manned from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. It would be appreciated if you could pick up your race number & be registered on the day before so as to speed up things on event day! & bring along a small  something to donate as a spot prize! You can send someone else to pick up your registration so long as they know your details (& bring along a spot prize to donate!)

I have been asked to clarify the categories/events available on the day?
These are: Full Marathon Run 42.2km (solo) Male or Female
NB Just because you enter as a runner doesn’t mean you can’t walk a bit as needs be!
Full Marathon Walk (i.e. walk the whole way!) Not differentiated by gender
Marathon Relay (i.e. 2 person team, tag at at Rabbit Is. Change shed)

You can enter the relay either as a RUN team (i.e. where at least one of the team members runs at least some of the way) or WALK team (i.e. where both the team must walk ‘all the way’!).

Relay teams will not be differentiated by gender!

6 person relay: In conjunction with the event The Waimea Harriers are also running a 6 person relay! The event is open to all; you do not have to be a club member of any kind! The legs are varying distances (from around 6km to around 9 km) and this event is also free. See: http://www.waimeaharriers.nz/mid-winter-relay or contact Club president Eileen Beattie via ladyp1@vodafone.co.nz

Race numbers: This year’s event (for marathoners & 2 person relayers) will also feature event specific race nos: that are yours to keep. These will indicate the year (2016), an event logo and which event you took part in (i.e. marathon run). This was by popular request! Huge thanks to Robbie and Leanne Barnes and family of Marathon Downs Farm, Seddon, for sponsoring these and for their continuing support for the event!

Drink/aid stations: Largely these remain the same as the previous 2 years although with ‘two notable changes’! The drink station that was, previously, located opposite the aquatic centre at the turn off for the Great Taste Trail towards Rabbit Is. (i.e. 7.5km & 38 km), will now be located adjacent to the camper van car park at the end of Fittal st (off Beach Rd) RMD, for ease/safety of access. Therefore this drink station is now approx 9km & 36km in the race. Additionally, and in the light of this drink station relocation, there will now no longer be a drink station located adjacent to the MDF Plant! (i.e. 10.5 km & 34.5 km) So… a revised drink station list would be 1. 3.5 km (Honest Lawyer), 2. 9 km (Camper van park), 3. 15km (Lower Queen St/Speedway Corner), 4. 19 km (Redwood Rd crossing) , 5. 23km (Rabbit Island beachfront) and on the return 6.  26km(Redwood Rd crossing), 7. 30km(Lower Queen St/Speedway Corner), 8. 36 km (Camper van park). Please note that given the low key nature of the event the drink stations will, most likely, only be water (no food, maybe lollies?) and may be simply ‘help yourself’! However, drink station 1 (Honest Lawyer) & 5 (Rabbit Is.) will definitely be manned and drink stations 2, 3, 5, 7 & 8 are also change over points for the 6 person relay teams so are likely to be ‘manned’ in some way! If you have special drinks you wish put out at drink stations please leave these in a designated box at the race start by 8.30 a.m. & clearly label with your race no: & where it is to be left. These spots can only be either 9km [Camper van park], Rabbit Is 23km [halfway], or 36 km[Camper van park, return]

Entry by voluntary donation & the donation of a spot prize: It is a strong, underlying, and enduring philosophy of this event that the entry fee is a voluntary donation to charity. I have suggested $20 p.p. as a reasonable amount? And this will be the suggested amount on the event’s website! One of the chosen charities is The Mental Health Foundation which I was inspired to chose because of my involvement with Malcolm Law in his audacious High Five 0 Challenge last year. This remarkable feat of endurance raised over half a million dollars for the MHF. For those of you not familiar with the story you may like to view the trailer for Malcolm’s movie FIFTY (https://vimeo.com/132784843) which is a powerful and emotional account of the challenge and its ongoing legacy,… then you might even buy a copy of it for yourself? Our other chosen charity is the Heart of Biking Cycle Trail Trust who built and maintain the cycle trail we run/walk along.
It has also become a feature of the event that all participants donate a spot prize for the prize table so that no one goes home empty handed! This year I’ll aim to speed up the spot prize giving process and hold back a major spot prize or two for the end of the prize giving (which is held at the Honest Lawyer immediately after the last people finish at around 3 p.m). We’ve all got something lying around that we were gifted, won, or came across that we really have no use for… & it may well be just what someone else is looking for? Pretty much anything goes! So drop in a spot prize of some kind when you pick up your race number or, pass them on to me (Stu Cottam) beforehand if you know you’ll see me around!

First time marathoners: It is also a strong philosophy of the event that you are particularly welcome as a first time marathoner and will receive a commemorative medal if you complete the distance. Please indicate this (honestly!) when registering online. I think your first time is a big deal!!
In addition to first timer medals all solo marathoners who complete the distance (running or walking) will receive a commemorative certificate!

Start times:
8 a.m. for all Full marathon ‘walkers’ & 2 person marathon ‘walking’ teams + (‘& only for those who request it during the registration process!’) 4 hr+ marathoners.
9 a.m. (i.e. full marathon runners & 2 person relay runners + 6 person relay teams)
Time cut offs!: Hopefully everyone off the course by 3 p.m.? (i.e. 7 hours!)
The course
The course is relatively straightforward and is 90% on trails/off road. From the Honest Lawyer participants will, firstly head towards Monaco Peninsula along Point Rd then turn right at the Yacht club on to Martin St., then left on to Rainier St. (aprox 400m), then left onto Point Rd following the estuary to return to The Honest Lawyer & the start of the cycle trail (aprox 3.5 km). Along the cycle trail to opposite the aquatic centre Richmond (aprox 7.5 km), sharp right onto the cycle trail towards Mapua. Follow the cycle trail (signposted & marked with blue waratahs) all the way to Redwood Rd (Rabbit Is.) passing over Headingly Lane, past the rear of the MDF plant, (route will be arrowed here to avoid confusion & will stay on the cycle trail) past the rear of Ravensdown Fertiliser plant, across Best Island Rd, right on to the top of Lower Queen St, back on to the trail over the Waimea River footbridge & to the junction with Redwood Rd (aprox 19 km). Right along Redwood Rd- back onto the cycle trail on the L/hand side of Ken Beck Drive-to the end of trail on Cooper Rd. Left on Cooper Rd,  past the Manuka Picnic area & to the end of tar seal (aprox 22 km) Hard right remaining on tar seal road past Totara Picnic area & then hard right again following the tar seal road along foreshore. Continue straight to pass in front of change sheds (on gravel track). Change over point for relay, (aprox 23km) i.e. Just over half way! Continue for about 50m along gravel track & then hard right back on to the cycle trail, back across Cooper Rd, & along the trail as it continues back alongside Ken Beck Dr- Redwood Rd, cross Redwood Rd  at the bridge & back to the start of the cycle trail (aprox 27km) & retrace your route. Finish at the rear of the Honest Lawyer. (NOTE NO LOOP OF THE PENINSULA ON RETURN LEG)

Relay Runners
If you are running/ walking the first half of the relay (from Monaco to Rabbit Is.) you must arrange your own transport back. Most likely the vehicle team member 2 has used to get to Rabbit Is. Will be your transport back. The change shed at Rabbit Is. Is the change over point. Your number & time will be recorded there. Please be mindful of leaving for Rabbit Is. In plenty of time for change over & driving/ parking considerately so as not to get in the way of participants at the change over point! This point is ‘over half way’ for the first relay runner (i.e. the first runner/ walker will do about 23km & the 2nd runner/walker around 19km) we will mark the half way point so you can take your time there if you want, it just makes more sense to do the changeover at the change sheds!

Warm up events:  Below are a few, suggested, local (ish) events to consider having a crack at along the way to building up for your marathon.

Event HQ & Prize Giving:
The Barn Building at the rear of THE HONEST LAWYER country pub and restaurant will be Race HQ for the day. A few toilets here but worth doing most ablutions at home before you come as much as poss?
Prize giving will commence at approx 3 p.m. and, weather permitting, will be held outside.
Trophies will be awarded to the first male and first female marathoners. Small prizes and medals will be awarded to the first 3 men and women marathoners, and the first 3 run and walk relay teams, regardless of gender. Spot prizes will be randomly drawn throughout prize giving with spot prizes having been donated by participants and, we hope, a couple of major spot prizes drawn at the end! It is hoped to be completed by 4 p.m. I’m sure you will all achieve those personal goals! As an idol of mine, Kathrine Switzer, (the first woman to [illegally] run the Boston Marathon) once said “if you are losing faith in human nature, go and watch a marathon!”

Current Race Records:

Full Marathon Run:
Male: 2014 Brian Kemp 2hr 47m 16s (current holder of racey rabbit trophy)
Female: 2014 Colette Reid 3hr 18m 01s

Full Marathon walk mixed:
2015 Bevan Cook 5hr 10m 38s

Marathon 2 person Relay mixed :
Run: 2015 Alan Bryson & Pogo Patterson-McCauley 2hr58m 46s
Walk: 2015 Elaine & John Llewellin 5hr 24m 05s

Well, that’s about it for now!

I will continue to put out info. Via the website and Facebook page as we get closer to the date for the event! Please check in for any updates!

Stu Cottam 🙂