Event Update June 2017

Harrison Event Updates

ONLINE ENTRIES close at Midnight Weds 14th!

Kia ora all potential runners/walkers and interested parties. This is event update 4 & the final event update as we are now less than 2 weeks away from the event date (Sun 18th June). Please pass on this info to anyone else who may be interested! Additionally, an ‘Event Information Sheet’ will go out to those on the mailing list & be posted on the Facebook page/ Website shortly before the event. We will also have hard copies of the ‘Event Info. Sheet’ available at registration.

Registration:  Please register for the event beforehand. This helps us to pre-allocate numbers & have an idea of how many people have entered. Currently around 50 people have entered the solo marathon, nearly half of whom are first timers, & we have around 20 x 2 person & 10 X 6 person teams.(as of 3/06). We may display entrant’s names on the website shortly before the event. Online entries close on Weds 14th June. There is always a last minute rush of entries though!

Categories of entrants/prizes: By & large, & to keep the event & entry system as simple as poss., there is no separation of participants into different categories within the various events! For the solo marathon its just male/female…… runner/walker & that’s it! No age categories! For the 2 person relay it’s just run/walk (you can only be a walk team if both members walk ‘all’ the way!). You are all classed as mixed teams. Much the same for the 6 person relay (you can only be a walk team if all 6 members walk ‘all’ the way!) Trophies will be awarded to the first male and first female marathoners & the winning 6 person relay team. Small prizes and medals will be awarded to the first 3 men and women marathoners, and the first 3 run and walk relay teams (2 person & 6 person), regardless of gender.

Slight course changes from previous years: a) A full loop of the Monaco peninsular after starting (i.e. we don’t cut across the middle of the island anymore on Rainier St), b) shortest route closest to the estuary through Sandeman reserve (by the MDF plant) at approx 12km (i.e. deviates right [on the outward leg]off the cycle trail for approx 200m); c) After leaving the Rabbit Is beachfront change shed, participants return straight onto the cycle trail(i.e. no short ‘dog leg’ along beachfront as on previous years)

Direction Signs:  As well as the conventional pink arrows to mark directions  we will also be using ‘Racey Rabbit’ direction markers on stakes such as this one to indicate which direction to go!

Early Start (8 a.m.) Only if, you have indicated that your (honestly) estimated time (or combined time) is likely to be over 4 hrs for the event ‘and’ you have checked the box during the online registration process for wanting an early start (if you entered on line) can start at 8 a.m., please! Please don’t decide on the morning as it kind of mucks up the timing & number of runners/ walkers count! If you have indicated an early start beforehand then an ‘E’ will have been written on your race number! So, only those with an E written on their race nos: should be lining up at 8 a.m.! Thank you!

Allocated Race nos: Are yours to keep after the event! No need to drop them back to us!

Relay Walkers/Runner’s transport: 2 person relay: If you are running/ walking the first half of the relay (from Monaco to Rabbit Is.) you must arrange your own transport back. Most likely the vehicle team member 2 has used to get to Rabbit Is. will be your transport back? Team member 2: Please be mindful of leaving for Rabbit Is. In plenty of time for change over & driving/ parking considerately so as not to get in the way of participants at the change over point! We will mark the half way point (along Ken Beck Dr, approx 1km before the Rabbit Is.road end) so you can take your time there if you want, it just makes more sense to do the changeover at the change sheds (i.e. 23 km)! 6 person relayJust 1 support vehicle per team please to avoid congestion, & park considerately ‘off’ the course (i.e. not on the cycle trail or in front of trail to road exits). Please be mindful of dropping off the next leg walker/runner in plenty of time for change over! Changeovers are at the ‘major’ drink stations! (Fittal St; Speedway Corner & Rabbit is.)

Spot prizes: We hope that everyone will go home with a spot prize!! Including any children who join you for the prize giving! So….please remember to bring along a small something to donate as a spot prize when you register in on Sat 18th June at the Shoe Clinic! Or, if you are unable to do that, then bring it along on race day to the Honest Lawyer. We will have labelled drop bins to leave them in!  Spot Prizes will be randomly drawn throughout prize giving based on either your event category or, in the case of the full marathon, on your finishing time. Your children, & event volunteers for the day, will also be spot prize draw ‘categories’. A list of your race nos: will be used in the draw a couple of major spot prizes to draw at the end of prize giving!

Pre- race Registration & race nos: Sat 18th June 9-4 p.m. at The Shoe Clinic, Bridge St, NN. All entrants to please come along & pick up their race no: on Saturday or nominate someone else to do it! Much easier than doing this on the event day! Each entrant will be allocated with a race number & entered into our timing system then! You can send along someone else to pick it up but please remind them to also bring along a little something for the spot prize collection!

Drink Stations: Will be available approx. every 5 km but are quite basic (i.e. mostly just water & may be help yourself!) We will have some provision for taking ‘special drinks’ or gear to the drink station at Rabbit Is (approx 23 km) for full marathoners. Rabbit Is. will also have some electrolyte drink & lollies available for marathoners but please don’t heavily rely on these! Toilets are available at the race start, & at approx 12km (MDF Plant); 23km (Rabbit Is); 32km (MDF plant) & race finish!

Prize Giving: At the Honest Lawyer (hopefully outside, at the rear if the weather’s ok?) & hoping to start at 3 p.m. & be finished by 4 p.m. (In the Barn building at the rear if the weather’s no good!)

First time marathoners:  Will receive a commemorative medal if you complete the marathon distance FOR YOUR FIRST TIME EVER! You will have indicated this (honestly!) when registering. Your first time is a big deal!!

Solo marathoners: All of you who complete the marathon distance (running or walking) will receive a commemorative certificate! This will be a ‘self- complete’ certificate!

Soup by payment: We will again have hearty soup & rolls available close to the race finish (post race from approx 12.30) ‘for event participants only please’. To cover costs we request $5 (cash) per person for this. The soup went very quickly last year! Remember the later finishers guys, no ‘double dipping’! & PLEASE BRING ALONG SOME $s FOR THIS [NO EFTPOS!] The Honest Lawyer also has a wide range of meals & bar foods available for purchase.

Post race massage: This year we will again have post race massages (15 mins worth) available close to the race finish (post race from approx 12. 00p.m.) ‘for event participants only’. Payment is by donation to charity (minimum $5) . Again, bring some change for this! (Thanks to Anel & The Body Project)

Start times: 8 a.m. for all Full marathon ‘walkers’ & 2 person marathon ‘walking’ teams + (‘& only for those who have requested it during the registration process!’) i.e.4 hr+ marathoners.
9 a.m. (i.e. full marathon runners & most 2 person relay runners + most 6 person relay teams)

Time cut offs!: Hopefully everyone off the course by 3 p.m.? (i.e. 7 hours!)

Parking: No parking ‘at the rear’ (i.e. behind) The Honest Lawyer on event day please,this area will be coned off! There should be ample parking in the main car park & nearby reserve car park. You may also park on the Stoke side of the Songer St overbridge & walk over (approx 200m). Be considerate & careful if arriving between 8 a.m. & 8.30 a.m. as the walkers & early starters will be heading off then & will cross the main vehicle entranceway to the Honest Lawyer twice!

Race results: We are aiming again to record all participants’ times & to, hopefully, have at least a draft copy available to look at by prize giving! Times should (again hopefully) include a split time for all participants at Rabbit Is. Change shed/ drink station. 6 person teams should keep their own times for each leg! Although we will know your halfway & finishing times! Results should be available the day after on the website & may be emailed out to those on our email list. We will also aim to post them on Running Websites : such as Cool Running! This year we will also (hopefully) have electronic timing clocks at the race finish (thanks to Athletics Nelson)!

Monies raised for charity!: Your kind donation to either The Mental Health Foundation or The Heart of Biking Cycle Trail Trust is greatly appreciated. 100% of anything you donate as your entry fee goes to charity! All other costs related to the event are covered by sponsors & volunteers! Please support our sponsors & helpers!

Not taking part on race day? or willing to help before? Helpers needed: If you think would like to or you might be able to help with a particular job I’d appreciate it if you could send an email to us via the website & I’ll get back to you! Thanks!

REMINDER: Warm up events:  Below are a few, suggested, local (ish) events to consider having a crack at along the way to building up for your marathon.

Sat 10th June 2.30 p.m. Wallace Shield 3 – Rabbit Is. A 5km or so Cross Country organised by Waimea Harriers (no need to be a member)  free!

Sun 11th June Mt Vernon Grand Traverse, Blenheim an 18km hill run up Mt Vernon, Wither Hills Farm park. With 950 meters of climbing and ascent to 422 meters. A challenging run! Organised by
Marlborough harriers. $20 entry fee


Sat 24th June the very popular Parkers Shield cross country (approx 10 km) at Happy Valley, Cable bay. Organised by Athletics Nelson (no need to be a member) Small entry fee for non-members.

Or if you enjoy ‘off road’ running you might want to join the local NELSON FELL (as in English name for hills) RUNNERS FACEBOOK GROUP. We’re very active! See: https://www.facebook.com/groups/164781800368993/

Current Race Records:Full Marathon Run:
Male: 2016 Aditya Kesarcodi-Watson 2hr 39min 20sec (current holder of the Racey Rabbit trophy)
Female: 2014 Colette Reid 3hr 18m 01s

Full Marathon walk mixed:
2015 Bevan Cook 5hr 10m 38s

Marathon 2 person Relay mixed :
Run: 2016 Flossie Van Dyke & Harrison Dean 2hr 51min 26sec
Walk: 2016 Kathryn Cocker & Alan West 5hr 7min 45sec.

Well, that’s it for now! I will put out any relevant, last minute, info. Via the website and Facebook page as we get closer to the date for the event! Please check in for any updates! An ‘Event Info. Sheet’ you could print off & bring with you will also be available on the website & a few copies at registration.


Stu Cottam 🙂

“If you feel bad at 10 miles, you’re in trouble. If you feel bad at 20 miles, you’re normal. If you don’t feel bad at 26 miles, you’re abnormal”Rob de Castella, winner 1983 World Marathon Championships