Race Information 2016

Harrison Event Updates

The 3rd Annual Monaco/Nelson Mid Winter Marathon.

Sunday June 19th

Major sponsor: The Water Stain Doctor, of Nelson  (John & Yvonne Shaw)

Basic Format

For those of you who have participated in past events the format & course stay more or less the same. This is a fun & challenging event that participants can undertake as competitively or not as they choose. It’s up to you! It’s informal, essentially free & meant to be fun, with a bunch of like minded people on a winter Sunday! It’s a measured marathon (i.e. 42.2 km) or you can do approx. half of it as a relay with a partner. The basic philosophy of the event is that lack of means shouldn’t be a barrier to entry & anyone who is willing to try & prepare themselves for it is warmly invited to have a go. It’s not the Olympics, so the emphasis is on rewarding participation rather than winners. Winners will be acknowledged & rewarded in a small way & everyone who completes the solo marathon will receive a commemorative certificate. First time marathoners are particularly welcome! Times will be taken for everyone & our aim is that no one goes home empty handed! So essentially LOW KEY, LOW COST, HIGH FUN! We are very fortunate that again this year local business people John & Yvonne Shaw (both stalwarts of the local running community) have come onboard, through their company The Water Stain Doctor, Nelson, as the major sponsor for this year’s event.  The Honest Lawyer country pub have also generously let us use the barn at the rear of the main building as our ‘all weather’ event HQ & finish area! The event has its own website: http://www.monacomarathon.co.nz/ its own Facebook page, see https://www.facebook.com/monacomarathon   & it’s own dedicated email address info@www.monacomarathon.co.nz


Again Pre-registration will be available the day before at: The Shoe Clinic, Bridge St, Nelson on Saturday 18th  June from 9 a.m. -4 p.m. thanks to Brett from Shoe Clinic!
I would be grateful if all entrants can come & pick up their race no: or, if they haven’t done so already, register on this day so as not to delay the start on Sunday! This can be done by proxy (i.e. a friend picks up your race number &/or registers you) So long as they know all your details & bring along a spot prize of some kind to donate! Registration will also be available on the day from 7 a.m. at the rear of the Honest Lawyer (follow signs). Please turn up in plenty of time to register if registering on the day.

Donations/ Koha

The chosen charities again for this year are The Mental Health Foundation & The Nelson/Tasman Cycle Trail Trust (the Founders & caretakers of The Great Taste Trail which we run along)

During on-line registration, during registration at the Shoe Clinic the day before the event, & again, on race day, voluntary donations will be taken for these great causes! 100% of your entry donation goes to these charities!

On line donations to the MHF can be made via http://www.fundraiseonline.co.nz/StuCottam/  & to the cycle trust can be made directly to https://givealittle.co.nz/org/ntctt

Last year’s event raised around $1300 for the MHF (with money used for raising public awareness about how to improve your own mental health) & raised  around $400 for the The Cycle Trail Trust (with the money used for maintenance & upgrading of the cycle trail)

Spot Prizes

I would be very grateful if all participants could bring along a small spot prize of some sort for the event when you pick up your race no: or register at The Shoe Clinic on Saturday 18th June. These donated items will then be put out at Prize Giving at The Honest Lawyer & race numbers randomly drawn for spot prizes. First in best dressed in terms of what you might get! ….. with the hope that no-one goes home empty handed! For the last 2 years this has been a great success & already this year I have many donated spot prizes of vouchers, clothing, & books.


Full Marathon Run 42.2km (solo) Male or Female
NB. Just because you enter as a runner doesn’t mean you can’t walk a bit as need be!
Full Marathon Walk (i.e. walk the whole way!) Not differentiated by gender
Marathon Relay (i.e. 2 person team, tag at at Rabbit Is. Change shed)

You can enter the relay either as a RUN team (i.e. where at least one of the team members runs at least some of the way) or WALK team (i.e. where both the team must walk all the way!). Relay teams will not be differentiated by gender!      

NB If your relay partner is a ‘full’ marathon runner then they must be your leg 1 person! & will wear 2 race nos: A yellow one, as a solo marathoner, &  a blue one as a relay runner)                                                                                                                                                                                           

In conjunction with the event there will also again be a 6 person relay taking place that is being ran by Waimea Harriers along the same 42km course. This relay event is also open to anyone/ group of people to put in a team & is also free, although entries need to be in with Ian Courtenay at the Harriers by June 11th. The legs will be varying lengths & again the emphasis is on participation & giving it a go rather than winning!

Parking & general pre-race etiquette

Monaco is a residential area & it will be a Sunday morning mid Winter. Therefore I’m sure local residents & people staying at the Honest Lawyer or Monaco Resort, would appreciate us keeping noise to a minium when arriving & getting ready. Please park in either of The Honest Lawyer car parks at the front of the pub (permission obtained) or on the Stoke side of the Motorway overbridge on Songer St. Please do not park on Point Rd.  (i.e. the main Rd out to the Monaco Peninsula) as we rely on the good will of local residents & this causes a nuisance. If arriving at the venue between 8 & 8.30 a.m. Please be aware that people will be out on the course from 8 a.m. & the course crosses the access to the Honest Lawyer car parks!  Please do not litter the car parks at the Honest Lawyer.

Relay Runners

If you are running/ walking the first half of the relay (from Monaco to Rabbit Is.) you must arrange your own transport back. Most likely this will be via the vehicle team member 2 has used to get to Rabbit Is. The change shed at Rabbit Is. Is the change over point. Your number & time will be recorded there. Please be mindful of leaving for Rabbit Is. In plenty of time for change over & driving/ parking considerately so as not to get in the way of participants at the change over point! This point is ‘over half way’ for the first relay runner (i.e. the first runner/ walker will do about 23km & the 2nd runner/walker around 19km) we will mark the half way point so you can take your time there if you want, it just makes more sense to do the changeover at the change sheds!

Toilet facilities

There are only limited toilet facilities at the Honest Lawyer (& also at nearby Monaco Domain)  We only have permission to use the barn toilet & the rear toilets at The Honest Lawyer rather than inside the main building!  Please be mindful of this before arrival!   Toilets are also available at approx 10km & 35 km (MDF Plant reserve) & Rabbit Is (halfway’ish)

Start Times

There will be a compulsory safety briefing before both wave starts approx 15 mins before start time. All entrants must attend & listen to these briefings to help keep everyone safe! Thank you! Start times will be: 8 a.m. FOR ALL WALKERS (relay or full marathon) & SLOWER RUNNERS in the full marathon only (Over 4hrs)  & ONLY IF YOU HAVE PRE-REQUESTED AN EARLY START ‘WHEN ENTERING’

9 a.m. FOR ALL OTHER RUNNERS regardless of event. Please stick to your indicated start time so as not to confuse race timing. Relay entrants (team member 2) starting at Rabbit Is. Will start when tagged by team member in front of change shed. It is estimated the first relay entrants will get to Rabbit Is from 10.15 a.m. It is hoped to have everyone off the course by 2.30 p.m.


The event will only be cancelled in the event of extreme weather or a civil defence emergency. I will advise More FM, if possible, should this be the case! There is no cancellation date.

The course

The course is relatively straightforward. From the Honest Lawyer participants will, firstly head towards Monaco Peninsula along Point Rd then turn right at the Yacht club on to Martin St., then left on to Rainier St. (aprox 400m), then left onto Point Rd following the estuary to return to The Honest Lawyer & the start of the cycle trail (aprox 3.5 km). Along the cycle trail to opposite the aquatic centre Richmond (aprox 7.5 km), sharp right onto the cycle trail towards Mapua. Follow the cycle trail (signposted & marked with blue waratahs) all the way to Redwood Rd (Rabbit Is.) passing over Headingly Lane, past the rear of the MDF plant, (route will be arrowed here to avoid confusion & will stay on the cycle trail) past the rear of Ravensdown Fertiliser plant, across Best Island Rd, right on to the top of Lower Queen St, back on to the trail over the Waimea River footbridge & to the junction with Redwood Rd (aprox 19 km). Right along Redwood Rd- back onto the cycle trail on the L/hand side of Ken Beck Drive-to the end of trail on Cooper Rd. Left on Cooper Rd,  past the Manuka Picnic area & to the end of tar seal (aprox 22 km) Hard right remaining on tar seal road past Totara Picnic area & then hard right again following the tar seal road along foreshore. Continue straight to pass in front of change sheds (on gravel track). Change over point for relay, (aprox 23km) i.e. Just over half way! Continue for about 200m along gravel track  to a cone, turn around at the cone & return approx 100m towards the change shed before  taking a hard LEFT back on to the cycle trail, back across Cooper Rd, & back along the trail as it continues back alongside Ken Beck Dr- Redwood Rd, cross Redwood Rd  at the bridge & back to the start of the cycle trail (aprox 27km) & retrace your route. Finish at the rear of the Honest Lawyer. (NOTE NO LOOP OF THE PENINSULA ON RETURN LEG)

Race Rules: (sharing the trail)

  • There are no road or trail closures in place. Please share the trail with other users & be courteous.
  • Always walk/run as far to the left of the trail or road as you can. Cross roads only at the requested points (signposted)
  • Stay on the designated trail/ event course at all times whilst competing
  • Please DO NOT wear IPods/ MP3 players or similar in your ears. You need to be able to hear people/ bikes coming up behind you
  • Be vigilant for bikes at all times, particularly on blind corners, & run/ walk in single file on narrow parts of the trail
  • ‘Always’ give way to cars do not expect them to give way to you!
  • Please do not leave litter on the trail
  • Obey all warning/ maximum load signs on the trail
  • If you come across someone in distress please render assistance, stay with the person, get the next walker/ runner/ trail user to call for/go for help. DIAL 111 in all emergencies. You are each others First Aid. If needed contact Stu C. 0274 459 749 with minor concerns, medical issues.

Finishing Procedures

For the Relay entrants (Team Member 1): Finish at the Rabbit Island change shed. Time will be taken race no: recorded. Make your own way back to Monaco

For the Relay entrants (Team Member 2): Finish at the rear of the Honest Lawyer. Time will be taken race no: recorded. Relax. If you need to get back to Rabbit Is for something (i.e. vehicle, gear) you’ll have to make your own way.

For Full Marathon entrants: Finish at the rear of the Honest Lawyer. Time will be taken race no: recorded. All solo marathoners who finish (run or walk) will receive a commemorative certificate after finishing! We will have engraved medals for all those who complete this as their first ever marathon! Relax.

We will have water available for all finishers, as they finish! There will also be soup & a roll available (Cost $5) close to the finish

If you are unable to complete your chosen event I would be grateful if you could let us know you have withdrawn so we know you’re ok! Either report in at the Honest Lawyer, at the Rabbit Is change shed, or call   Stu C. 0274 459 749. This could save a lot of worry!

Drink Stations (special drinks)

Drink stations will be set up at approx 3.5 km, 9 km, 15km, 19 km, 23km…. (& on the return) 26km, 30km, & 36 km. Please note that given the low key nature of the event the drink stations along the trail may be simply ‘help yourself’! The Rabbit Is. one will definitely be manned. If you have special drinks you wish put out at drink stations please leave these in a designated box at the Domain by 8.30 a.m. & clearly label with your race no: & where it is to be left. These spots can only be either 9km [Richmond Vittal St],Rabbit Is 23km [halfway], or 36 km[Richmond Vittal St, return]

Looking after Yourself

This is Mid Winter in Nelson so expect anything! It could be pretty hot or bloomin’ cold! Please dress/ prepare accordingly. It could be very cold when you start & quite balmy by midday so two light layers, one of which can be removed, may be better than one thick one! Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, even if it’s cold! You may want to carry your own & supplement this with the drink stations. If it looks like rain a light jacket may be worth taking? Please remember this is a fun run/walk, you don’t have the house & family riding on it! Look after yourself & be prepared to help others!

First Aid

There will be provision for basic First Aid at Rabbit Is (change shed) & the finish at Monaco. St John are also aware of the event & on stand by. In the event of any entrant (including yourself) requiring urgent medical assistance, someone needs to dial 111 immediately.  Seek assistance from whoever is nearby, many people carry phones.

If you require an inhaler for asthma/ breathing difficulties please take this with you, the same with any medications. (i.e. anti-histamines)

Gear Bags

We will have somewhere dry you can leave gear bags at the Honest Lawyer although you may prefer to simply leave most gear in your vehicle.  I f you are running the first half of the relay it may be possible for us to transport gear from the race start to Rabbit Is. Although you may prefer to make your own arrangement for gear to get to Rabbit Is. just to be sure!

Time Keeping

To the best of our ability times will be recorded at Rabbit Is. Change shed & at the finish. You may wish to also take your own times as a back up. Results will be posted on the event’s website http://www.monacomarathon.co.nz/ & the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/monacomarathon as soon as possible after the evnt (could be a day or three!!) & will also be emailed out to entrants when confirmed. Provisional results/ times may be available on the day? Let us know of any glaring discrepancies!

Post Event Soup & a Roll

We will have hearty soup & rolls available close to the race finish (post race from approx 12.30) ‘for event participants’. ‘To cover costs ony’ we request $5 (cash) per person for this. The soup went very quickly last year! PLEASE BRING ALONG SOME $s FOR THIS [NO EFTPOS!] The Honest Lawyer also has a wide range of meals & bar foods available for purchase.

Post Event Massage

This year we will have post race massages (15 mins worth) available close to the race finish (post race from approx 12. 00p.m.) ‘for event participants’. Payment is by donation to charity (minimum $2) . Again, bring some change for this! (Thanks to Anel & The Body Project)

Prize Giving (Place getters recognized)

The Barn building at the rear of THE HONEST LAWYER country pub & restaurant will be Race HQ for the day & will also be the venue for after event drinks & a feed. Meals & finger food will be able available for order at The HHonest lawyer both after you finish & at the Prize Giving. All entrants are encouraged to stay on at the Honest Lawyer after the event to enjoy their hospitality, meals & drinks! Prize giving will commence at approx 3 p.m. &, weather permitting, will be held outside. The Honest Lawyer is situated beside the estuary & is a lovely venue for the whole family who are all encouraged along for the whole, or part of, the day. In the spirit of the event being a fun run/ walk place getters for categories will be recognised rather than financially rewarded.  Trophies will be awarded to the first male & first female marathoners. Small prizes & medals will be awarded to the first 3 men & women marathoners, & the first 3 run & walk relay teams, regardless of gender. Spot prizes will be randomly drawn throughout prize giving with spot prizes having been donated by participants!  We will draw (from all participants) a couple of major spot prizes towards the end of the prize giving. Thank you! It is hoped to be completed by 4 p.m. Have a great day & we hope you all achieve your personal goals!!

Current Race Records:

Full Marathon Run:
Male: 2014 Brian Kemp 2hr 47m 16s (current holder of racey rabbit trophy)
Female: 2014 Colette Reid 3hr 18m 01s

Full Marathon walk mixed:
2015 Bevan Cook 5hr 10m 38s

Marathon 2 person Relay mixed :
Run: 2015 Alan Bryson & Pogo Patterson-McCauley 2hr58m 46s
Walk: 2015 Elaine & John Llewellin 5hr 24m 05s

Date of Race Next Year: Next year’s event is scheduled for: Sunday June 18th  2017

Many thanks also to our kind sponsors:

Marathon Downs Farm, Seddon (Robbie & Leanne Barnes) for your race nos:

Kiwi Multisport (Gareth Richardson) & Altra Running Shoes (for the donation of a major spot prize)

Harness Communications (Harrison Dean) for the donation of the event website and their ongoing support.

Body Project (Anel McInnes) for their free post race massage services. ($2 coin to charity 🙂 )

Bruce Mercer (for his kind donation towards prizes for participants)