The Race

The Monaco Mid Winter Marathon takes place on the Nelson Tasman Great Taste Trail, utilising seaside trails around the Waimea Inlet, with snow capped mountains in the distance.

The idea of the event is to break down the barriers to participation and give everyone a good chance to compete or complete a full marathon running event (42.2km).

You can participate in either a full marathon run or walk option, and for those with a little less confidence, you can enter as a two-person relay and do a half marathon each or get together with some mates and enter a six-person team.

Event Details:Runner Monaco Marathon

Event Date: Sunday, 23rd June, 2019

Venue: The Honest Lawyer Country Pub, Monaco Peninsula, Nelson. (See course map below)

Enter: ENTER HERE. Follow us on Facebook  and sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date!

Contact: If you have any questions about the event please contact Stu Cottom the event director here.

Start times:

8 a.m: For all Full marathon ‘walkers’ & 2 person marathon ‘walking’ teams + (For those who chose an early start when entering if they believed they would be running a 4 hour plus marathon.)

9 a.m: For all full marathon runners & 2 person relay runners + 6 person relay teams. (unless you requested an early start)

Time cut offs!: Hopefully everyone off the course by 3 p.m.? (i.e. 7 hours!)

Please make sure you arrive at the event venue with plenty of time to get yourself organised and to the start line, we suggest a minimum of 1 hour before the beginning of your event, earlier if you were unable to enter on the Saturday before the event.

Registration: Will be on the the day before the event (Sat 22nd June) at The Shoe Clinic, Bridge St, Nelson 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Registrations will be taken on race day if you cannot make the Saturday registration.)

It would be appreciated if you could pick up your race number & be registered on the day before so as to speed up things on event day! & bring along a small  something to donate as a spot prize! You can send someone else to pick up your registration so long as they know your details (& bring along a spot prize to donate!).

The Course

From the Honest Lawyer, participants will firstly head out towards Monaco Peninsula along Point Rd, then turn right at the Yacht Club, onto Martin St. Then continue all the way along Martin St to the end of the peninsula (approx 500m) & then follow the road around the point & to the left to return, via Point Rd following the estuary, to The Honest Lawyer & the start of the cycle trail (approx 4 km). Along the cycle trail all the way to opposite the aquatic centre Richmond (approx 8 km), then a very sharp right onto the cycle trail towards Mapua. Follow the cycle trail (signposted & marked with blue waratahs) all the way to Redwood Rd (Rabbit Is.) passing over Headingly Lane, past the rear of the MDF plant, (route will be arrowed here & will follow the ‘shortest possible route’ through Sandeman reserve which means it will briefly deviate from the actual cycle trail) past the rear of Ravensdown Fertiliser plant, across Best Island Rd, right on to the top of Lower Queen St, back on to the trail over the Waimea River footbridge & to the junction with Redwood Rd (aprox 19.5 km). Right along Redwood Rd- back onto the cycle trail on the L/hand side of Ken Beck Drive-to the end of trail on Cooper Rd. Left on Cooper Rd, past the Manuka Picnic area & to the end of tar seal (aprox 22 km) Hard right remaining on tar seal road past Totara Picnic area & then hard right again following the tar seal road along foreshore. Continue straight to pass in front of change sheds (on gravel track). Change over point for relay, (aprox 23.5 km) i.e. Just over half way! Continue for about 50m along gravel track & then hard right back on to the cycle trail, back across Cooper Rd, & along the trail as it continues back alongside Ken Beck Dr- Redwood Rd, cross Redwood Rd at the bridge & back to the start of the cycle trail (aprox 27km) & retrace your route. Finish at the rear of the Honest Lawyer. (NOTE NO LOOP OF THE PENINSULA ON RETURN LEG)

Red Markers: Start/Finish and 2 Person Change Over
Blue Markers: 6 Person Change Over Points

All Markers are approximate 

6 Person Relay change over points

Leg 1: From the start at the Honest Lawyer to Fittal St, Richmond (2nd drink station), Approx 10 km

Leg 2: Fittal St , Richmond, drink station to Lower Queen St Drink station , next to the Speedway (3rd drink station) Approx 5.5 km

Leg 3: Lower Queen St Drink station to Rabbit Is. beachfront drink station, (5th drink station) [also changeover point for 2 person relay] Approx 7.5 km

Leg 4: Rabbit Is. beachfront drink station to Lower Queen St Drink station (7th drink station) . Approx 7.5 km

Leg 5: Lower Queen St Drink station to Fittal St , Richmond drink station (8th & final drink station) Approx 5.5 km

Leg 6: Fittal St, Richmond drink station to the finish at the Honest lawyer , Approx 6 km